Wag’n’Load Dog Poop Bag in the News

The Denver Post had an article about Wag’n’Load dog poop bag in their news.

Apparently the dog walkers at Elk Meadow Dog Park did not like to pick up their dog poop.  Others did a good job of bagging their dog poop, but a very poor job of carting it out.  425 bags of dog poop were left lying around in the dog park and the park had to be closed for a cleanup.  Lots of volunteers showed up to help out.


The Jeffco Open Space park office is trying to encourage dog walkers to pick up their dogwaste by giving them a Wag’n’Load, the greatest dog waste carrier on the market.  They were happy to know how convenient, discreet and sanitary the great dog poop bag is.


Wag’n’Load comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different colors.  Once the dog walkers realize how easy it is to use this great dog poop bag, the greater the possibility that they will now always use it to pick up dog poop.  It will carry their empty and loaded dog poop bags and much more…. including phones, wallet, & hand sanitizer.  This nifty dog poop bag can easily attach to their leash or their belt loops.

Hopefully the problem is solved at Elk Meadow Dog Park.  Other parks should consider how much this great dog poop bag will be able to assist in their efforts.

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