Dog Poop Bag and Germs

Oh yes, there are germs. Just like when we visit the toilet, we wash our hands. Well… there are a ton more germs in dog poop. A ton. A single gram of dog poop can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. We can catch at least 9 diseases from the “yuck” of dog poop – 4 from bacteria and 5 from parasites. Yes, parasites… like roundworms or tapeworms… the list goes on.

So we naturally wash our hands after handling a dog poop bag, right? Wrong! Our excuses: there is no soap and water nearby, I didn’t “touch” anything, etc. Well how often do we “touch” anything when we use the toilet, and still we all wash our hands, right?

The solution? Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. The real solution? Wag’n’Load.


A small inverted bottle of hand sanitizer is supported in a side pocket. So one small press of the pocket will dispel a drop of hand sanitizer in our hand, we caress it over our hands, and we are ready to go! With our apple, cup of coffee, or a child’s hand. The way it should be, clean and carefree and no worries.

Hand sanitizer readily available

Wag’n’Load, your superb dog poop bag holder will carry your empty and loaded dog poop bags. Your empties are always available when you need them. Your loaded dog poop bags are discreetly concealed and protected from bumps and wallops. More than one loaded dog poop bag can be carried too.


Your awesome dog poop bag holder will also carry your wallet, cell phone, cards, dog training gadgets, etc. There is a handy key that will also carry your keys, flashlight or dog poop bag holder if you prefer to use that.

Wag’n’Load can be always attached to your leash….up near your hand or down near your dog. Or you can easily attach it to your belt loops if you don’t use a leash. Or simply carry it if that is your preference.



Wag’n’Load your futuristic dog accessory will meet all of your needs. It will rank as one of your better $8.50 investments. Consider this amazing dog poop bag holder which is convenient, discreet and sanitary to protect you and label you as a canine owner who is one step ahead of the pack.

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