Dog Poop Bag Holder for Today

Today you need a dog poop bag holder to carry your dog poop bags.  Rather than carry your loaded dog poop bag for the world to see, discover a new way to carry it.  Come out of the cave and move forward to today.  Because today is here.

Do you always stuff your empty dog poop bags into your pockets as you venture outdoors with your pooch?  Today is here.  Simply pick up your leash, attach your canine friend and go!  Your dog poop bag holder will always carry an ample supply of dog poop bags and it can always remain attached to your pet leash.  Or simply move it to your belt-loops if you don’t use a leash.  So when the moment arrives when you need a dog waste bag, they will be protected and ready in your bag holder.


After your pick up the dog waste with your dog poop bag, simply tie the bag and return it to the expandable inner pocket of your dog poop bag holder.  It is now protected from breakage and its ugly site is hidden from you and from others.  Today is here.  This is the new way to carry your dog waste bag.


Your dog poop bag holder carries a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the inverted position in a handy side pocket.  One small press of the pocket will dispel a drop which can be dispersed over your hands.  Sanitizing your hands is a must after handling your dog poop bag and your poop bag holder makes this job easy to remember and to perform.  Today is here.

Hand sanitizer readily available

Carries even more


Your bag will also carry treats, training supplies, your wallet, cell phone and more.  It is the convenient way to carry all that you need on your walk.  So come out of the cave.  Today is here.  Now carry your empty and full dog poop bags, hand sanitizer and much more in your new dog poop bag holder.

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