What Label Will You Receive With Your Dog Walking Bag?

As you head out the door with your pooch and your dog walking bag, have you ever considered what others will see?

They will see a responsible dog owner who will pick up after their pet.  They will see a person who cares for the environment and the well-being of their neighbors.  They will see a thoughtful soul who hides their full dog poop bags rather than parade them for all to view.  They will notice someone concerned for safety because they protect their full poop bags and also carry hand sanitizer. They will see a smart person who carries everything in one place, rather than shoving all in their pockets or grasping in their hands.  And finally, they will see a courageous person who is not afraid to do something different.

On the other hand, there are many others who don’t pick up their dog poop.  And we are all well aware of what kind of label these people carry.

Carry a label you and your family can be proud of.  Always take your dog walking bag with you when you take your dog for a walk and click here to learn more about what you need.

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