Futuristic Dog Walking Bag

The sun is out, the sky is blue, our dog eagerly asks to go for a walk, and what we need to imagine is an accessory from the future to assist us – a dog leash accessory, also called a dog walking bag.  Without it, this is our plan: search for the dog poop bags …. stuff them in our front pockets, grab our wallet …. in the back pocket it goes, locate our cell phone ….. other front pocket, oh yes, a few treats in the other back pocket, and finally hand sanitizer……never mind, pockets are full!  Imagine a better way!

OK, you are finally ready to go walking with your dog.  You’ve got everything you need except the hand sanitizer, which you would probably forget to use anyway.  You both enjoy the fresh air and exercise immensely.  Until……yup, as always, your pooch squats to do his dirty deed.  You’re ready with your dog poop bags to quickly scoop up the feces and thank goodness, you don’t think you “touched” anything.  You wipe your hands on your pants just to be sure and tie the bag and saunter down the street – all of you…..you, your pet, and your warm, swinging, stinky bag of “alive” dog poop.  Alive with germs that is.  The old way.  Imagine a better way!


Imagine a dog walking accessory that would hold everything for you.  So you wouldn’t have to search and you wouldn’t have to stuff your pockets.  Imagine a walking bag that remained attached to your leash that would carry it all.  But yet it could also be moved off of the leash and attached to your belt-loops if you decided not to use a leash on one of your outings.  Just imagine how easy it all could be!

And there is even more!  Imagine that you could simply put that warm, stinky bag of dog poop right back into the dog walking bag.  You would put it in a place where it would be protected from breakage and out of sight from you and the world.  You would no longer have to juggle your dog poop bags, dog leash and that cup of coffee you decided to bring on your walk.

And are you ready for even more?  Imagine that your dog bag had a side compartment that held a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the inverted position.  So it would always be ready and it would be close by and obvious when you inserted your full dog poop bag.  So you would definitely not forget to use it.  Since dog poop is the carrier of over 11 diseases, as well as worms and their larva, your hands should always be sanitized whether you felt you touched anything or not.  You wash your hands after using toilet facilities, don’t you?  This is no different.

And the final additions!  Your dog walking bag should be available in different sizes to match your dog’s size and different colors to match your tastes.

Well imagine no more.  The future has arrived.  There is indeed a walking bag that will do all of this for you.  For $7.00, enjoy your walk and enjoy the future today with your futuristic dog walking bag

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