Why’s of Using Dog Poop Bags

Why must we pick up dog waste with our dog poop bags?  Below are a few good reasons:

1) Good will to our neighbors is one reason.  Have you ever stepped in dog poop and tracked it into your home or vehicle?  It is difficult to remove from the carpet.  And also a pain to scrape off of our shoes.  Common courtesy to our neighbor means that if our dog made the mess…… we must clean it up.

2) Dog waste is an environmental pollutant.  Studies have placed dog waste as third on the list of contributors of bacteria in contaminated waters.  Dog poop adds nitrogen to the water.  This depletes the oxygen in the water that is necessary for fish and other wildlife.

3) Dog waste is a health hazard.

It contains 23 million coliform bacteria per gram of waste.  It also contains the possibility of heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms.  These worms can live in soil for a long period of time.  They are easily transmitted to humans and other animals.  Dog poop bags will safely contain and eliminate all of these health hazards.

4) Fines for not picking up dog waste are increasing.  Fines range from $250 in New York to $1000 in Colorado.  The Gulf of Naples in Italy uses DNA registration to catch the culprits and the fine there is over $2600.  DNA registration of dogs is becoming quite common and successful around the world, leading to cleaner and healthier environments.

There are many good reasons to use poop bags to pick up our dog’s feces.  The easiest, cheapest and most sanitary method of handling dog poop is by using plastic bags and a dog poop bag holder, commonly called a dog walking bag.  Then the full bag of dog poop is carried hidden and protected from breakage.  A unique dog walking bag will demonstrate proof of your concern for your pet, yourself, your neighbors and your environment.

Attached to belt loops

Attached to leash

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