Learn How To Remove a Tick From Your Dog

Since you now know about Lyme Disease in your dog and its serious ramifications, it is important to know how to remove a tick from your dog.  It is important to be aware that humans can also become infected with Lyme Disease and also serious and sometimes even irreversible effects.  Although your dog can not directly infect your family members, the ticks that they carry into the house will do so.  These ticks can then bite and infect family members with Lyme Disease.

Stay Calm and Take Your Time When Searching For Ticks

Run your hands slowly over your dog’s body as you search for ticks.  Pay close attention to the ears and other skin folds and crevices.  Do your searching in a well lit area to help you in your examination.  The tick that causes Lyme Disease, frequently called the deer tick, is very, very tiny and often missed.  It may be no larger than the period on this page.

Proper Way to Remove A Tick From Your Dog

  • Have someone help you hold and soothe your dog.
  • Get a fine tipped tweezers or tick removal too.
  • Put on rubber or latex gloves to protect yourself from the tick.
  • Firmly grasp the tick as close to your dog’s skin as possible using your tweezers or tick removal tool. With gentle, steady pressure slowly pull the tick straight out from the skin.  Do not use a twisting or jerking motion as this may inject the tick’s saliva and infective agents back into your dog.
  • Place the tick in a screw topped jar with a bit of rubbing alcohol in case your vet needs to examine it.
  • If any of the mouth parts of the tick remain, remove as much as you can with your tweezers but don’t worry if you can’t remove it all.  Your dog’s immune system will create a site of infection to try to dislodge it over time.  Simply monitor and disinfect as indicated below.
  • Disinfect the bite site with cotton or a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.  Clean with soap and water.
  • Clean your tweezers or tick removal tool with alcohol.
  • Monitor the bite site and the health of your dog over the next few weeks.  Contact your veterinarian with any concerns and take your tick with you for examination.

Using the above knowledge, you will safely protect your dog, yourself and your family from the dangers or Lyme Disease or any tick-borne illness.  It is good that you know how to remove a tick from your dog.

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