Bag For Dog Will Carry It All

Finally, here is a dog poop bag that will carry everything for you.  Please consider this new and unique pet accessory to help simplify your life.  Attach it anywhere on your leash if that is how you walk your pooch.  Or link it to your belt or belt-loops if you venture to the dog park.  No matter how you choose to carry it, realize that it will carry everything for you.

No more will you juggle empty and full dog poop bags, dog treats, training supplies, keys, passes, hand sanitizer, etc. in your hands or stuffed in your pockets.  Now everything can be easily stored in your dog bag.  Your canine friend desires a walk?  Then grab your leash with your bag for dog attached, and out the door you go.  You no longer need to stop and remember everything else.  How simple can it get?



Carrying your dog poop bags will probably be the biggest advantage of your dog bag.  Your empty bags will always be ready and available.  Simply remove one, pick up the dog waste, and return it to your bag.  Your stinky, bulging bag of dog waste is now safely and discreetly hidden in your pouch and protected from bumps and breakage.  The interior pocket is also easily expandable to hold more than one full dog poop bag.  How sanitary, discreet and simple can it possibly get?


Your bag for dog will also carry your bottle of hand sanitizer in an inverted position in the side pocket.  It will be easily ready and available for you after handling the dog poop bag.  Sanitizing your hands is a true necessity as you very well know.

Your bag will also carry dog treats, training supplies, cards or passes, your wallet, cell phone, etc.  The side clip will be available for your keys, flashlight or dog poop bags dispenser if that is your choice.  How convenient and simple can it possibly be?


Your dog bag is available in several appealing colors and various sizes to meet your needs.  It is very durable and can be easily plopped in the washer should your pooch decide to drag it through the mud.  How very attractive and simple can it be?

Your new dog bag will simplify your life in many ways.  For $7, you will wonder how you ever exercised your dog without one.  Your bag for dog is convenient, discreet and sanitary and knowing this, how simple can it get?

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