Dog Gift Options

Treating that new dog owner with a thoughtful dog gift will certainly be appreciated.  You certainly know someone who has added that new canine friend to their family.  Recognize that new friend and make the owner happy by considering the wide array of dog accessories now available.

Here are some dog gift suggestions to get you started:

1) Toys and a treat jars are always welcomed gifts.  Many treat jars can be personalized.

2)  Consider a collar made of nylon or top quality soft leather.  Do not consider chain collars.  Measure the dog’s neck and add enough room for growth.

3) A leash made of cotton weave or nylon is a great choice.   Stay away from leather and chain leashes.

A Dog Bag Is A Unique Dog Gift

4)  A dog bag is a unique dog gift.  This bag for dog will be very appreciated for its usefulness and originality.  It is used to hold the dog poop bag when empty and when full of dog poop.  Buy one that can be attached to the leash or to the belt-loops.  Wag’n’Load does this and is also available in a variety of colors and sizes.  In addition, it has a side pocket for a small bottle of hand sanitizer – a necessity after handling the dog poop bag.

Dog waste bags carried on dog leash accessory
Easily attached at top of dog leash

Dog bag has side clip for dog poop bags dispenser
Side clip for dog poop bags dispenser

5)  Two dog bowls will be necessary – one for water and the other for food.  Stainless steel bowls are indestructible and are easy to clean.

6) A dog bed which is easy to clean is the best choice.  Consider one filled with poly-beads or one with a removable cover for easy cleaning.

7) A nail trimming set, including instructions, is a very functional dog gift.

8)For the owner who likes to pamper their pet – consider dog clothing or jewelry.  There is a wide variety available for your enjoyment in selecting this gift.

9) Personalized picture frames, dog calendars, coffee mugs or t-shirts are additional gift selections in addition to the many dog accessories noted above.

It is important to remember that the fun is in recognizing the importance of your friend’s new canine companion.  It is not necessary to spend a great deal of money – it is the thought that counts.  Look at all of the dog accessories now available and have a grand time in choosing your dog gift.

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