Dog Poop Bag Holder


Consider a new dog poop bag holder to assist you when you are out walking your dog. Are you possibly still spending your money on those colorful poop bags? Are you maybe still using the poop scoopers? You certainly understand and obey the laws regulating dog poop. You realize how it affects your neighbors if you fail to pick it up. You are also well aware of its hazardous side effects on our environment and especially on our waterways. You do your part in being a responsible pet owner. However, you continue to spend your money in the same manner and you also continue to deal with your purchased waste bags the way everybody else does it – the ancient way.  It is now time to walk into the next century and do it the new way.

Consider a poop bag holder – the low-priced way to take care of dog waste. You can certainly still use any and all waste bags if you prefer. Or you can use no-cost plastic shopping bag or the low-priced sandwich bags. Now, as soon as the dog waste is picked up, it can be discreetly stowed away in the dog bag holder. This protects it from breakage and provides a much more pleasing visual appearance in comparison with carrying disgusting full waste bags down the street – this is the old way.

New Dog Poop Bag Holder  Carries It All

An additional feature is that you can use the added pockets in the dog poop bag holder for other items. You can certainly store your unfilled plastic bags, dog training supplies, treats, park passes, wallets or whatever you choose to empty your pockets of.  This new designer dog bag includes a clip for your keys, flashlight or a poop bags dispenser. And this same unique holder has an additional pocket that holds an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer. Obviously, this is certainly one more item you always must utilize right after dealing with dog waste. This needs to be applied after scooping up your pet feces – even if you didn’t feel you touched anything. Just like after you use the toilet. And now you don’t have to try to remember to place the sanitizer in your pocket if you are out with your pet. It is going to be conveniently accessible in your handy holder.

We have been conscientious pet owners for quite some time and we are always performing our duties in the exact same way.  We have followed our laws, taken care of our environment and employed our common sense and shown courtesy to our neighbors. We have picked up our dog poop. And most of us have bought the merchandise and then proceeded to hold on to those unpleasant, smelly waste bags for anyone to see. In addition to the unsightliness, the potential for breakage is obviously there, together with the real probability of distributing germs. It is time to try an improved, safer and far less costly approach. Look to the future. Use a dog poop bag holder – a unique dog bag with everything available at your fingertips –  to discreetly, conveniently and safely transport everything, which includes your poop bags.

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