Designer Dog Bag Delight


The demands are increasing for designer clothing and accessories, including the ever increasing need for a unique designer dog bag.  Currently, there are 78 million dogs in theUnited States.  Pet owners forked out over 48 billion dollars for their canine friends in 2010.  Designer and luxury products continue to account for a large percentage of the total amount of money spent on our pooches.  Many pet owners prove their love for their furry friend by purchasing designer costumes, jewelry, toys, beds, gourmet treats, shampoos, designer collars, leashes and dog carriers.  It is definitely the perfect time to acquire a designer dog bag for this gift basket of high quality products.

Your well-dressed pouch will look fabulous with a designer dog bag.  You will certainly find one in a color that matches the collar, leash or clothing.  The designer clothes could include jackets, sun visors, sweaters, boots, tee shirts, or even fur coats and evening wear.  Whatever you may choose for your designer clothing, a matching dog bag will complement your elegantly dressed pet, not only in looks, but also in functionality.

Your designer bag will surely be available in various sizes.  This will be another great benefit in meeting your needs and your visual preferences.  A smaller bag may certainly be your choice for a small pet.  However, a larger bag may be needed to handle more of your necessities when you are out with our pooch.  Your size preferences are easily met by the various selections now available.

Your designer dog bag will easily attach to your designer leash wherever you choose to display it.  You may prefer that it is visible up near the hand loop that you hold.  Or you may prefer that it rides down near your pooch to complement her designer collar or special clothing.  If you prefer a retractable leash, your designer bag can also attach to this accessory.

Maybe your pooch does not need a leash.  Then you must have another great way to carry your designer bag.  Possibly you could attach it to your belt or belt-loops if the color will complement your accessories.  Or you may wish to simply carry it as a tote bag or purse.  The choice will be totally yours.

Your other choice may be what you prefer to carry in your dog bag.  Most certainly you will include your colorful poop bags.  You will no longer need to carry these specialty bags by hand or find a place in your pocket to put them.  Your designer dog bag will securely store them all ready for your use.  Whether you are out on the street with your pet or maybe in your vehicle or at a luxury resort, your poop bags will always be available in your designer bag.

Certainly, the major addition to your specialty bag will be your “loaded” dog waste bag.  This will definitely be a new look for you.  Your ugly waste bag will be removed from the view of everyone.  The luxuriously dressed dog complemented by her immaculately dressed owner toting a full bag of dog waste does not look good.  You new designer dog bag will ensure that the dog waste bag is out of site from all.  This is where it has always belonged.

Your dog bag must also hold your small bottle of hand sanitizer.  We love our pooches.  But certainly we must sanitize our hands after handling the dog waste bag, just as we wash our hands after using the toilet.  We are not always near soap and water, so a readily available vial of hand sanitizer stored in our bag is a necessity.

You may also want to add other items to your dog bag and that is totally your choice.  You may wish to add your gourmet dog treats to an interior compartment to keep them fresh and ready.  Or you may want your bag to hold your cards, wallet or cell phone.  You may want to use it to hold your car keys, flashlight or poop bags dispenser.  The options are unlimited to meet your preferences.

Designer Dog Bag Needed For Our

New Lifestyle

Did you know that Paris Hilton now has 17 dogs?  She is surely able to afford to dress each of them in the very finest complementing clothing.  Because everyday life does mirrorHollywoodtrends, being accompanied by a dog is a big fashion statement.  Pampering our dogs has become an extremely popular trend and it demonstrates no sign of slowing down.  Caring for our dogs as a member of the family and providing a better life for our best friends is no longer regarded as a novelty or a luxury, but instead a life-style.  As you continue to search for the very best designer dog products, look at the newest designer dog bag to enhance your image to the world.

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