Dogs In Parks Suggestions

Dogs In Parks Suggestions 101:  Follow the rules.  It is as simple as that.  The rules posted in most parks are listed below to allow you to prepare for your visit.  Maybe you have decided to explore the California State Parks, the city parks inNew Yorkor your local dog park.  If so, your dog is usually welcomed in parks.  However, you must follow the posted rules, respect the park and respect others.

1)  All dogs must be properly licensed and vaccinated, so bring proof of current license and vaccinations with you.

2)  Only healthy dogs are allowed.

3)  Clean up the dog waste left by your pet.  Carry dog waste bags in your dog bag which is attached to your leash.  If your dog is off-leash, attach your dog bag waste holder to your belt or belt-loops and it will carry your empty and full dog waste bags as well as hand sanitizer, dog treats, training supplies and other necessities.

4) Do not bring too many dogs.

5)  Do not bring a female pet in heat to dog park.

6)  Follow all posted rules within the 3 designated areas of the parks:

  • No dog in park is allowed
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times – leashes should not exceed 6 ft.
  • Designated Off-Leash Areas same as in most dog parks

 Dogs in Parks Suggestions Do Help!

There are many spectacular parks for you and your dog to enjoy.  You can explore nature, take long walks, romp, play and have fun.  In addition to a dog park, dogs are permitted in most state and city parks, but it is always a good idea to call ahead to make sure that dogs are allowed in park you wish to visit. Just make sure that when you do visit, you follow all rules and remember what you have learned in your Dogs In Parks Suggestion checklist.

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