Dog Leash Bag Desire


What we really need is a dog leash bag when we our out walking our dog.  We need something attached to our leash that will carry everything that we usually stuff in our pockets or carry by hand.  It would be great if we could move it around as we wish.  If we use a retractable leash, then we will need something that can be used with that too.  Well finally, here is a dog leash bag that will meet our requirements and work for everyone !

And even better, it comes in several attractive colors and sizes to match our needs or the size of our pet.  It is very durable and washable, although unless you drag your leash through the mud, it really shouldn’t need to be washed!  This dog leash bag is just what we need to make our walks with our best friend so much easier.

Here is a list of what our leash bag will carry for us.

  • It will carry our supply of empty dog poop bags
  • It will carry more than 1 “loaded” dog poop bag
  • It will carry our hand sanitizer, inverted and ready for use
  • It will carry our dog treats
  • It will carry our training supplies like clickers or whistles
  • It will carry our cards, wallet, cell phone, keys or flashlight

If you want to take your pet someplace where you don’t need a leash, you can simply remove your bag from your leash and attach it to your belt or belt-loops.  Simple and easy!

Our Dog Leash Bag

Will Carry Everything We Need and More!

We must consider this assistance when we our out with our pet.  No longer do we need to stuff items in our pockets or carry them by hand.  We now have extra help that makes our dog walking more convenient, discreet and sanitary.  This extra help is our new and unique dog leash bag.  Learn more by visiting

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