Unique Dog Bag


Unique Dog Bag


You will love this new dog bag that will hold everything for you when you are enjoying the great outdoors with your canine companion.  It is available in attractive colors and various sizes to match your particular needs or the size or your dog.  This bag is made of durable and washable vinyl-backed nylon.  You can attach it to your leash in any position you wish.  Or you may choose to attach it to your belt or your belt-loops.  Or you may simply carry it by hand.  You can move it to whatever position you wish when you wish.  This unique dog bag will make everything easier for you.

  • It always carries your supply of empty poop bags
  • It carries your loaded dog poop bag
  • It carries your hand sanitizer, inverted and ready
  • It carries your dog treats
  • It carries your dog training supplies
  • It carries your passes, wallet, cell phone, keys, flashlight

Your $7 Dog Bag

Will Carry Everything For You

This is a convenient, discreet and sanitary dog accessory to assist you when on your outing with your pet.  All that you were used to carrying in your hands or your pockets can now be carried in your dog bag.  Please learn more by visiting www.wagnload.com

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